RD&I provides professional roof consulting services throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Clients include architectural and engineering firms, colleges and universities, property management companies, real estate investment groups, and large corporations.

Services Provided by RD&I:


 The consultant provides investigation of existing roof systems and other exterior building components. At times problems may arise with roof systems with no apparent reason visible to an untrained eye. The roof consultant brings his knowledge and ability to analyze the surface conditions. He performs and analyzes test cuts that can reveal hidden problems. His solutions offer a client unbiased appraisal of the conditions.

Design and Specification:

 Specialized knowledge of roofing systems makes a roof consultant the ideal person to design your roofing, waterproofing, flashing, sealant and masonry restoration projects.

Budget Estimates:

 Not associated with contractors or manufacturers, the consultant offers his client a practical estimate to use as a basis for long and short term financial planning.

Bidding & Negotiating

 The consultant directs the client to contractors who have proven ability to perform.

Contract Administration:

 The consultant is the liaison for the client. He manages routine administrative duties. The consultant keeps the client current with their contractual responsibilities and assists in fulfilling them.


 Consultants offer the client the comfort of knowing they have a person representing them who is knowledgeable of the project requirements and sees to it that they are met.

Project Management:

 Under special circumstances the Consultant will be called upon to manage projects that require several contractors.

Preventative Maintenance Inspection:

 Periodic inspection of existing conditions can eliminate costly repairs by dealing with minor ones as they occur.

Contract Mediation:

 The consultant represents and supports the client's rights when disputes with contractors or manufacturers arise.

Expert Witness Testimony:

 At times the consultant may be called upon to testify as an expert witness in construction litigation.

Material Testing:

 The consultant will prescribe the appropriate testing methods to determine if materials and/or their installation meet the required performance standards.

Design & Document Review:

 The consultant's in-depth knowledge of roof systems and related adjoining components provide a keen eye to review other designers' documents.


 Provided in a comprehensive format with supporting documents.

Due Diligence:

 The consultant's trained eye can inform a prospective buyer or seller of any unexpected costs related to the existing roof system.